Ah, there’s nothing kinder about kinder

Katie just called.  “Hi I start school tomorrow and I need $3K for school supplies and first term fees.”


I wrote a BIG LONG paragraph about this sitch, and carefully backspaced over every word.  That’s because I’m not the person I was 4 years ago, and we can all be VERY THANKFUL about that.

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5 thoughts on “Ah, there’s nothing kinder about kinder”

  1. Wow, do I know what that feels like! Jenn’s total for term 1 came to just under $18K, I’ve been budgetting and planning, managed to get a cheque out of Spence, I come home exhausted and done and what is waiting from me tears, etc. and I need another $2K for LSAT training.

  2. Okay, I’ll just shut up now and send a big hug in your direction…..

    Having said that, our precious snowflakes are the loves of our lives and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. Now I should call Paul – he’s on the hook for half of it but I don’t think Katie’s called him yet.

  3. Yeah, what you said “…precious snowflakes of our lives …”. I’m going to have to call Spence, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow — I’ve had enough for one day!

  4. You two are so past kinder

    It’s called kindergarten for a reason.

    Adult offspring are not kinder. Maybe that is the dissonance.


    On another note, Gailon (DD’s ex-roomie), who lives in Haliburton, and her seester Jann (who picked me up at Quinn’s a # of years ago (not a booty)) are having dinner in the near future. Gailon lives about an hour W of here (Haliburton), and Jann, resident of Killaloe, is having more time since her recently secondary school grad only daughter moved to Australia to fulfill an internet romance…with a young man, living under his parent’s roof downunder.

  5. It may turn out okay. The oldest successful internet romance (known to the public) turned twenty this year. And I can think of living arrangements and going away to get married arrangements like this that have worked out fine; I get to view their evolution pretty much every work day.

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