Am I most of the way through a full bore meltdown?

Check.  I’m being very relaxed and restrained about my mental meltdown, but I just lost my cell phone, and that’s about as crazy as I like to get.  Losing things is what agitated, preoccupied and outright loony people do; I misplace things relatively frequently but outright lose them, no.

I find it entertaining to review what I’ve lost in my life, like the watch my grandparents had given me LESS THAN 24 HOURS PREVIOUSLY …. I took if off in a restroom in the Dorval Airport to wash my hands, back when I was, like, ten years old and left it there.  Oh, I shed many a bitter tear over that loss, I’ll tell ya.  I lost the first guitar I was given when I foolishly gave it to Daxus.  I guess I wasn’t expecting him to smash it.  I’m still kinda irritated with him about that; it’s like there’s no percentage in forgiving him if it turns me into a sap the next time. I guess it’s a XXXXsight harder to live my Unitarian Universalist principles than I thought.

Did you know that Unitarianism was almost a STATE RELIGION in part of Europe?  Trust Unitarians to get excited over the Edict of Turda.  Couldn’t they have named it after anything else but what sounds like Turd’s twin sister’s name?  I’m sure it means “Land of Stunning Trannies” in Hungarian or Romanian but it does, as the saying goes, sound like shit in English.  Then a Catholic came back on the throne and Unitarianism gotsked itself persemacuted.  That old timey stuffed looked ZIP like contemporary Unitarianism except that durned tolerance thing we’re so notably noted for.  North American Unitarians adopt 2nd and 3rd world Unitarian churches because they are so cute and old fashioned, and in the case of the Transylvanian churches SERVICES ARE SEGREGATED BY SEX which is just like, freaky, and I’ve only seen that in real life in a Russian Orthodox Church and an Ahmadi mosque so that’s kind of a triple whammy on the freaky for me.  I only go into these ‘other peoples” sanctuaries once in a lifetime and yet it reminds me of the old fashioned Unitarian churches in Transylvania (actually northern Romania, out Kobatfalva way). Not that I’ve ever been there, but I know people who’ve gone.  There’s video of kids driving critters down the main drag.  And the services. For me it’s all about the singing, those mournful Hungarian tunes.  I much prefer the livelier contemporary hymns for myself on an ongoing basis, especially anything which sounds like the attenuated and timid version of Gospel singing as performed by U*Us.

Google, entertainingly, knows where Kobatfalva is on the map, but is unable to provide enough of a close up to demonstrate there’s even a cowpath where the arrow is pointing, and it and the surrounding countryside is made up of rocky vertiginous hills split by rivers which in spring can swell in no time to floods that come right through town. You have to live in the valley bottom cause it’s the only place you have a fond hope of growing food and raising most critters.

Of course, to loop elliptically back to my opening comments; of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

Special thanks to Jeff for dinner, it was yummy.

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