False alarm – I havna lost my gaming platform

Jeff, having proved not to have already gone to bed, suffered me to borrowed his car keys.  My little blue brick was right where I left it on the floor mat.

The sheets I bought at Costco tonight are already clean and dry.  I feel so happy to have another set of sheets for my bed, more or less the same pale sage colour, but about twice the thread count.  There was so little lint in the dryer I could have, without troubling my conscience, left it for the next person.  They feel like silk but they are pure cotton.  And I have a drive, I gotta message Robof9 and tell him not to buy me one like we discussed.  Got chicken for the freezer, and also little red cheeses, which should make Katie happy as she appears to be feeding half of her class with her lunches.  If Keith ever turns up again he’ll probably devour a few, provided they ain’t all et.

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