Releasing my inner zombie /coffee

Wow, I guess I always subconsciously knew this.

Do you know what I’d do if I was at home, and there was an earthquake, and my house didn’t collapse or catch fire?

After I ensured that the cats and my brother were safe, I’d send Jeff on a mission to get another propane canister or two, and I’d make coffee.  I’d light the barbecue burner on the back deck and boil water to make coffee with.  Coffee is hot.  Coffee wakes you up. And coffee is what you are going to want when you’ve been pulling people out of buildings all morning.

The global system of commerce may collapse (I personally have my doubts that it will do anything but restructure itself after years of privation, just like the last time) but as long as people want sugar and coffee and there’s a boat that can carry them, I’m not too worried about the future of my relationship with coffee.

I mentioned coffee is hot.  A study on social isolation – it’s in the last couple of days on – says that social isolation makes people literally feel cold.  That’s why hot food is an integral part of social connectedness and discourse in this and any other culture, whether it’s a tropical country or not.

After I made coffee I’d deliver it to people who needed it.  Then I’d go back to the barbecue and make an immense pot of oatmeal.  Then I’d start taking stuff out of the freezer and cooking it so it didn’t go bad.  That’s what I’d do – I’d stay close to my technologically sophisticated hearth.

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One thought on “Releasing my inner zombie /coffee”

  1. zombie? I thought we were smart enough to understand that neural pathways are created by repetition of though and action that will take over when we aren’t thinking. That is why one practices musical instruments and dance and keyboarding and bricklaying.
    Smells like crappy science to me…somebody forgot what we already know to get funded for that study
    It also explains why people use lots of soap and water here and still get dirty dishes at the end of it. They have never practiced washing dishes because they have machines. The simplest tasks are insurmountable by the uninitiated brain. These wasteful inept people are supposedly interested in the environment and conservation, but one load of still not clean dishes can overflow a 250 litre grey water barrel.

    Uninitiated brains with college and university degrees are still uninitiated.

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