Another Conservative government

and really low voter turnout.  Canadians are sheep, you know that?

Oh well.  Here’s some Nathan Fillion porn to make it better.  No, it’s not really porn.  But it’s funny (fwd by Robof9).

Apparently Katie has never memorized my phone number (%$#^%!) so… she called her dad to tell him she’s okay, and she’s all broken up with Daxus because he prevented her from going to school.  Or something.  She can only miss ten days of school or she can’t graduate.  And she’s going to go get her phone back.  That should work out well.

This next paragraph was written in rage and backspaced over with coffee.

Isn’t it funny how we dignify worry with a word like prayer….?

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One thought on “Another Conservative government”

  1. Is anyone going to start a poll on how long she will stay away before she goes crawling back?
    I can understand the low voter turnout, what is the point when there is nobody you want to vote for, and you can’t figure out who is the least worst.

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