Trust my dad to say something offhand, thus getting me worried.  He says he’s got my birthday present already (a month early) and hopes “I won’t be too offended.”  Now I am scratching my head and thinking…. uh, sheep dip maybe? A month’s supply? 5 autographed copies of “Grandma was a Nudist”?  An etching entitled “My pet elephant cotched leprosy”? MP3s of the family favourite Cthulhu carols? The permanent roving family fruitcake, which is so old that lawyers are prepared to argue it has become a commensal, sentient organism able to communicate and abide by the law?  Mind you that would be cool, all my friends would want to get a good look at a sentient fruitcake, especially one that did sound painting by knocking pieces of desiccated fruit together.  And you do have to get very close and hold your breath, because it tops out around 20 dB and it claims you lose the point of the performance if it’s amplified.  Ah, artistes.

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