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What is an eccentric?

Buffy season three continueth, semper ardua ad nauseum, and now I feel like the scales have fallen off my eyes. Now all I want to do is watch my favourite episodes in no order and then maybe make popcorn.  By the way I just made up the latin tag because they constantly shoot Latin in the groin and leave it to die in that show, by damn.  So I run my tag through an on line translator and it’s “Always Lofty to the Point of Nausea” which strikes me as a motto which would not be amiss on an escutcheon, were I to want to design my own.  And I think the translator screwed up, which makes it even funnier.  I thought ardua was work or labour?

Stillllll raaaaaiiiining.

what’s with the continuing Moosiness of political culture across the line, there?

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