gathering up links and distributing them to the needy

Uke! wakka wakka wakka

Print me up a new liver boys, this one’s no good to me now.

One of the best I quit letters in the history of the English language. (link removed for security reasons)

And now, a surf boarding rat. Or, at least, a rat who is earnestly engaged in the business of NOT drowning.

How do I know chipper’s got a boyfriend ? she’s not sending me links no more!!!  Me happy!  It can’t all be doom and gloom.  Oh, crap, I have about two minutes to shower and power outta here.

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2 thoughts on “gathering up links and distributing them to the needy”

  1. oh yeah, couldn’t be because I moved 8 tons of wood in the last 2 weeks, built new storm windows, and just got back from a whirlwind trip of Toronto (dentist + transmission fix because I had no 1st gear when I landed makes for lots of fun, all within 48 hours)
    Lets not forget requisite relax time with the workee as well

    haven’t had much internet time

    but indeed you may be right

  2. Ack! You’ve never been less than busy, but now it seems like you’re in the gear between Overdrive and Hyperdrive!

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