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Has it been that long?  Rogers sent me a notice today about upgrading my phone because the contract I got with them after Dax tossed Katie’s phone into an intersection is up.  Wow. Time flies when you’re getting a c/l divorce and trying to keep your life on something resembling rails.  What they really want is for me to sign up with them again.  And on that subject, Dax called Katie and she called his PO.  I know I sound like a sap, but he’s not going to hurt her anymore, and I don’t want him to go to jail.  Katie is so blasé ’bout the whole thing that she doesn’t care if I stay in touch with him, which I am doing on facebook.  The family advice (nautilus3 will probably recognize its origin) is “Don’t argue with him and don’t lend him money.”

Over at Planet Bachelor last night; Keith is doing famously although not studying enough in school (grr) and already contemplating the education he wants to get after he gets his trade.  Considering that this is exactly what his maternal grandparents did with their lives, I am sure they are quietly hugging themselves at the moment. Paul is in fine form and fed us dinner.

When I got home, Jackie the downstairs neighbour was out having a smoke. I met Bear, Jason’s cat, learned that THEY TOO want to punt Romeo, the next door neighbour’s dog, into the Delta Quadrant, and THEY TOO have been bitten by the dog.  Yes, we know it’s because the neighbours have a substance resembling moldy guacamole for frontal lobes; it’s not the dog’s fault.  Jackie and I talked for the best part of an hour in a most neighbourly way, straightened out some normal housesharing stuff in a good commonsensical way and then I downloaded with Jeff this am. Happy sigh.  Jeff says, “It just goes to show you how ******* loud the people who lived downstairs before were.”  Amen brother.  They were loud like they were getting paid for it.

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