Later, yesterday.

Long about 4 Katie magickally appeared with Kelsey in tow.  Kelsey is her bestest girlfriend from school (you know how fast friendships blossom in school).  Katie wanted what was left of her Kaylee costume (you will have to scroll down to see it) and she literally bounced in, hugged me, grabbed her costume and left (and I got two insubstantial Kelsey hugs in there as well.)

Katie had been all sad and freaked (I am going to school… I know no one… I will have no friends).  I said, “Sit next to the girl with the nicest face.  Not the best looking one – the one who looks nicest, most pleasant and friendly.”  So she did and now she’s hanging with a hard working hard playing crowd, just up her alley.  And having fun, too. That 70 bucks I spent on that costume seems to have paid dividends.

PS.  She’s done something with her hair.  It’s darker brown and sort of ripply all over.

Soon I will go off to Famous Foods and get the last of the food I need for the awesome festival of roast fowl and tubers!  Swossage meat for stuffin’.  Hm, mmmm.  Great! It’s after 8 am and they are open…. time to get going.

My third oldest joke:  “Why does thanksgiving come a month earlier in Canada?”  “Because we have less to be thankful for!”

I still haven’t been to see Tom, but I’m still stuffed up and I dread making him sick.  Sicker.

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