steamed lamb

….actually I ate kleftico and then the Luddite and I popped over to Hastings Steam and Sauna. This time, it being ever so much colder outside than the last time, I steamed for a GOOD long time, and now my back feels much better, thanks.  It’s kinda odd doing something like that with somebody you’re no longer romantically involved with, but as usual the Luddite cracked me up any number of times, and it was all very light hearted and fun, and he’d never been so it was pleasant to introduce him, and this time I remembered to get an extra towel because once my hair is wet there’s simply too much of me for one towel, and it’s only a buck extra.  None of the evening was planned; we didn’t even know where we were going to eat until I got in his pig of a 1980 Toyota diesel truck (I tease, I’m actually quite fond of that vehicle, although I don’t know how much longer the Luddite will be able to stretch not replacing the windscreen).  And it’s only 10:18, so I’m going to sleep and something tells me I will sleep well and long. Oh, and he had Ecuadorean chocolate with him.  Looxshury!

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