down for the count, up before the sun

I was supposed to go over to Paul’s to sing and play last night. I’m really choked that I couldn’t.   I’d spent the day at home due to the weather, and then around 5:30 my right eye quit working.  That half of my visual field just stopped.  I dunno what the air pressure was during that time, but I’d be willing to bet it was rather low, so I drank a big glass of water and went to bed.  Now it’s five in the morning and I just slept 12 hours!  I can see and I am not in any pain… well, there’s a residual knot at the back of my head, but nothing that would prevent me from working.  There was no prodrome this time, I just got whacked. Very convenient of me to get sick on a snow day.

Anyway, the world is covered in snow, the cats are refusing to go out anymore, I made beef stew yesterday with the meat Katie brought day before yesterday, I still haven’t made biscotti, and Jeff and I watched a couple of movies.

Katie seems to be doing really well.  She’s negotiating things with Dax but she’s not actually living with him because she thinks she’s entitled to ensist that he be working five days a week before that happens. Also the guy who tried to kill her and Dax moved back in to Dax’s old place (in defiance of the court order…) and has indicated that he is ‘uncomfortable’ with Katie being there.  Katie and I took a moment to contemplate the intense bizarre stupidity of this.  Anyway, she doesn’t need to be told twice so she’s not going back there… Dax is apparently back at his mum’s.   So technically Katie’s living with her pop.  Paul is also putting up various of Katie’s friends from time to time, including Dax and Jessica W.  I think this is very hospitable of him but it’s also partly an accident of geography because of where he is being more convenient to the young folks.  Anyway Katie is still getting As (and you should hear her fulminate about how young people just don’t seem to know how to work these days, you’d fall over in convulsions… she’s working desk at the VCC salon and she says that she’s better off by herself than having two nitwits babbling and laughing next to her).  Katie’s life sounds incredibly confusing to me, but she is very matter of fact about it.

This is a candle for Unca Dave’s hair.

Shout out to Lexi, who got to watch Trevor Linden retire last night live.

Shout out to Jeff, who is teaching himself Java.

Shout out to ScaryClown, who is going winter camping Christmas week, yay.

Shout out to Patricia, who also has the lurgy.

Now for some coffee and to check the buses.

My predictions for the next five years.