This is my cousin Alyssa. No, not that one, the new one.

Cousin Gerald had a kid, and that kid had a kid.  I am going to give a prize to the person who comes up with the best two or three word description of Alyssa’s expression, because I have never in my life seen its equal.  Let’s just say I’m impressed with her amazing, beautiful and mesmerizing eyes.

Win a Prize!  Caption this baby!!!
Win a Prize! Caption this baby!!!

Quote from IMDB

Jeff thinks the reviews on IMDB stink.  I plead guilty to plebeian tastes.  Get this quote, which is kinda a quote of a quote:

David Mamet once explained the difference between art and entertainment. Entertainment, he said, reinforces what you already know, and tells you that you’re right. Art, on the other hand, suggests that what you know is wrong, and that your beliefs might not be correct.

Anyway, the quote is from a review of To Live and Die in LA which I now have to watch, because William Petersen in his mid thirties is yummers.

Slimfast and Methadone

Becoming Jane was the other movie from yesterday evening.  Apart from Anne Hathaway’s wandering accent, it was charming.

Hey, just in case any of you thought that the economy was going to get magically better… you have to wonder when stories like this are crawling out from under the rocks.

Today’s tasks.  Laundry.  Clean up “Slimfast and Methadone” in GarageBand (the last verse needs to be re recorded and the bass line goes spastic in the last verse… it’s kinda like listening to a train wreck right now).  Go to party at Doug and LEs and say bye to them honk weep. Buy almonds and eggs and butter and beer.  Not necessarily in that order.

Once Slimfast and Methadone is fixed, I will post an MP3 of it on the site and then I plan to do a Youtube video.