Lots of links

I have watched

all of this – Time lapse from an aircraft – make it full screen and turn up the audio.

The first ten minutes of this parkour video.

None of this. I intend to as it comes highly recommended by Kottke.org and John A at work.


All of this self assembling robot video.

I read everything on this flowchart of US unemployment.

And I wonder who put the kittens on the Roomba.

Yes – I posted that link twice.

sleeeep was all he wanted

Keith was here last night and I was so happy to see him that we made a lot of noise.  Jeff finally staggered out of his bedroom and said, “Too… loud….” but I didn’t actually STFU until I remembered the magic phrase: “oh, crap, Jeff is WORKING in the morning.”  Then I crept off to bed.  I am now drafting an apology.

Ate really good pesto at Aldo’s last night – it’s a really nice trad Italian pasta joint right next to the Heritage Grill in New West.  Yes it was a date.  We had a pleasant time, thanks.

Had a brief visit with Suzanne and picked up my new glasses, so last night was a real whirlwind of activity.  I felt much better after hanging out with Suzanne, it’s always great to download with a GF.  I LOVE MY NEW GLASSES.  My vision is much improved, especially working with a computer, which was the point, and I’ve got my visual acuity back in my left eye, the lack of which was straining my right eye.  I am also using Systane Ultra for my extremely crunchy and dry right eye, and it’s working great.  Sometimes when they give you a free sample it really is for a good product.  Unlike Delissio pizza, which is the single most heartburn inducing wheaten hubcap of listeria (okay, I didn’t get sick, but it’s got vomitous pepperoni) ever.

NOW, Conflikt, and five days off in a row.  Happiness.  I confirmed my ride with Tom and Peggy (Yay, she’s bringing her bass) and I am going to stuff myself into the Prius and try hard not to babble continuously the entire way.

Big shout out to Jerome for the invite, Brian C for the links, Kim for livening up lunch, whoever the hell it was who put a litter on a Roomba, Jeff for putting up with me, Keith for telling me he was let go without sugar coating it (or being resentful), Katie for hanging around and visiting briefly with me when I went to get my glasses (I was so happy to see her and I felt better), and Tanya and Cris for cracking me up.  Hugs to Jarmo, Mike, Suzanne, Peggy and Cindy, who must be knee deep in con suite prep right about now.  Gosh I’m looking forward to this!  Even more than last year.

Bloggoriffic Junk Drawer!

Fact is, I can’t talk about anything right now without either going to the whining place, the TMI place or the don’t have permission to talk about it place.  I mean, I’m doing okay, but there’s a lot going on under the hat, thanks.  I would like to thank Robof9 and ScaryClown and Patricia and Jarmo and Jeff and Tanya and Deb for their comments and support.

So, links instead of whining.

A delightfully disturbing picture. Make sure you look at the whole thing. Santa’s blood dripping axe has been truncated from this version of the picture.

Balletic death.

A visual representation of the stock market.

A huge collection of lifehack tips and traps.

The grammar of TV and film. So we have the correct language for our filmic discussions.

Ten rules for being human.

Dark humour for dark times. How it helps.

Who to blame for all this crap.

Measuring out my life, one Smoot at a time.

Film and links

Last night I viewed for the first time since I heard about it when I was 11, Carl Dreyer’s Passion of Joan of Arc.  Falconetti was as amazing as advertised, and there were shots and parts of the movie that were brilliant, but the parts that annoyed me were many, so I guess I didn’t watch it reverently enough.  Jeff rented it for me; that man indulges me scandalously.  In the end I was glad I saw it for Antonin Artaud’s performance.  Since I was quite small I’ve had a crush on Artaud, cause I thought and still think he was hotter than a two dollar pistol, even if he was severely crazy.

Don’t click here if you don’t want to find out why it’s a really bad idea to have sex with a raccoon.

Now that you’ve had a laugh at some drunken wacko’s expense, find out why you might feel bad about it.

Cooperative play

Jeff picked up an instrument and played Rock Band last night.  Now I will relate to you a story of such …. well, I’ll just tell the story.

The boys (Jeff, Keith and Mike) were crashing through the final chords of Creep by Radiohead and….phhht.  The power went off.

There was no reason for the power to go off.  The inevitable – the inescapable – conclusion was that their playing was of such total awesomeness,  they rent the space time continuum enough to make the fuse go. Is that not amazing?

Apart from my home made cole slaw I didn’t actually do any cooking, Mike did it all.  But steak and chicken and home made french fries?  And cole slaw? That’s a meal.

I attended the baptism of Darwin this morning.  He was angelic.  That’s always nice. I briefly spoke with Unca Barry and Ontie Jackie, as well as the happy parents, but alas my excesses of the night before caught up with me and after I woke myself up snoring during the service I realized I should go home.  Fortunately, an IGA was on the way to the Skytrain, so I could buy yummy snacks, and the Granville cold beer and wine store was awful handy, so I’m now stocked up again for the rest of the day.  This is a good thing, because I’m going to be watching Army of Darkness.

I am thinking that I’d like a steam or soak though.  I don’t know whether I’ll go all the way up to Hastings Steam and Sauna – I’ve never been there stag, which is funny when you think about it – or just to nearest rec center, which would definitely be cheaper and closer.  Hell, I may even walk.

Good day so far

So I went to Surrey Central, and met up with a very nice man.  He treated me to hot and sour soup and a steamed bun (which was teh awesome) and we walked around and talked a bit, and I anticipate hearing from him soonish. And meeting his dog, who sounds like a sweetie.

It’s not the best part of town even in broad daylight (I wanted to avoid him having to come across that non existent bridge) and as soon as I got off the train there was a guy….. urinating in public, in broad daylight.  Funny thing, the last time I saw a guy urinate in public was at a Skytrain station.  I am glad to be a girl for a lot of reasons, but needing to plan my life so I don’t have to micturate in the full view of people who might not want to watch is definitely one of them.

Then I went to New West and nobody I know there was answering  the phone and Keith wasn’t either.  I went to the Quay but all the stores are closed, so I went back to the new Sally Ann thrift store building and made a killer haul for less than 20 dollars, and then realized GOSH SAKES IT’S COLD. So back home again.  It was beautiful and sunny this morning, but the weather is increasingly overcast and frigid.  Next up a trip to Mike’s for dinner (me cooking) and Jeff and Keith are coming along.  Something tells me we’ll be watching movies and drinking beer tonight….

I should toss those clothes in the laundry.