William Petersen

Of course he’s well known as the ‘about to resign’ Gil Grissom in CSI, but he was also Will Graham in Michael Mann’s Manhunter long about 20 years ago.  Imagine Gil Grissom but young, thin and hawter than the hubs of Hades, folks.  I just saw the Director’s Cut of Manhunter. Re Mr. Petersen..

1. He’s bowlegged!  Who knew?  He certainly doesn’t get shot so you can see his bowlegs in CSI.

2. He’s had that steely intensity with the curiously wiggly smile and body jiggle forever.

3.  He comes across as cerebral and sensitive.  OOOOO.  Fangirl squawking inserted here.

4.  Joan Allen and Kim Griest are SO good.

5.  Brian Cox is TOTALLY AWESOME as Hannibal Lecter.

Guess I liked the movie.

Jeff and Keith are sidebysiding on Left 4 Dead. This makes me laugh my ass off, because the ad for Left 4 Dead was ALL over the Metro in Paris.

Weather watch

Okay, check THIS puppy out for weasel words.

A rapidly deepening low pressure system will move inland over northern Washington State today. Rain will begin this morning, then change to wet snow over most inland areas and higher elevations with a rain-snow mix closer to the ocean. Fluctuating freezing levels and precipitation intensity add to the complexity of snow amount forecasts for this storm. However higher elevations of Metro Vancouver can expect 5 cm of wet snow with a mix of rain and snow likely near sea level. Snow amounts of 5 to 10 cm are forecast over the Fraser Valley and 2 to 4 cm are expected over Greater Victoria and East Vancouver Island except 10 cm over higher terrain and inland sections. Strong northeast winds will develop over East Vancouver Island in the wake of this system, with winds rising to 60 km/h gusting to 90 this evening. Winds are expected to ease below warning criteria Saturday morning. An Arctic front moves onto the coast from the interior for the weekend. Strong outflow winds combined with cold air will give wind chill values below minus 20 to inland sections of the north and central coast beginning this evening. Strong outflow winds may also produce localized snow squalls along the east coast of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands through Sunday while the rest of the coast remains sunny, very cold, and locally windy.

I mean, they say it’s gonna snow, and I work at higher elevations.  (No, not because I rolled something up, thanks – although I was reading George Carlin in the can this morning). Yesterday at quitting time we checked the weather again and it wasn’t as bad as this, so sometime in the last 12 hours the meteo folks decided all crap was breaking loose.

So, everybody stay home if you can; every year in Vancouver 40000 new drivers who’ve never driven in snow take their baloney-skin tires, shitty driving skills, sense of entitlement and strabysmus out of the garage and lay it out for all to see during the first snow of the winter. IT IS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT.  So I gotta make sure I load up batteries in the camera, this should be good.  Also, must sweet talk men with cars, I may need a lift down the hill if the buses can’t make it up the hill to take me home, and forget about getting a taxi.  As for Victoria, it’s even worse.  It’s time to hunker down with a couple of good movies.