A call from the peristalsis fairy / Holiday visiting

Jeff called me at 7:15 this morning letting me know that after some weather related adventures he was safely on the ferry and on his way to Victoria.  Yup, the winter wonderland continues.

Last evening we visited Lady Miss Banjola and her household; assisted in the rigging of a Spaceship One model rocket which was fired some time last one night, one presumes, and in the troubleshooting of an octopus cookie cutter.  We visited with some folks including the accordion playing Rowan (zombie walked with him briefly once, and how can you appreciate horror without viscerally engaging with the words ‘accordion playing zombie’) and sundry others including Dr. Filk, who is hopefully crashing here tonight.

Then we had pho with Mike and visited his new penthouse apartment in East Burnaby, a 20 minute walk from where Planet Bachelor is.  Then we watched the last half of Shoot em Up (how I do love that film) and Jeff and I fell over with tiredness and went home.

This morning I got up, boinged out the doorway in my housecoat to say goodbye to Jeff, and then started in on emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the surface of the stove thoroughly, cleaning the surface of the dishwasher thoroughly, making biscotti and scolding Eddie for nesting in my clean clothes, all three pieces of them.

Also, more Garage Band.  I am currently working on Chance Met.  I finished one take and realized I iz totally singing it in the wrong key.  Hit delete boys, there’s plenty more where that came from.

One whole day without beer.  I got unmercifully sick on Friday night. Jeff diagnosed my problem and with a savoir faire reminiscent of one of the world’s great waiters presto’d a barf bucket under me at precisely the right juncture.  I added to the joy of the occasion by remarking, bleakly, “I have no idea what’s going to happen next,” and then hurling for about 30 seconds straight.  Jeff’s comment, later, “Maybe YOU didn’t, but I sure did.” Personally I think three beers is not an outrageous amount to drink, but my stomach thought otherwise.  There has also been a little bit of barfiness going around the office, and not just because Tanya is preggers. I’ve been washing my hands a lot, hoping that will help.  Anyway the point of this anecdote is that I think Jeff is a god among men, to put up with my shenanigans.