And then my head exploded

SINCE I don’t know which of the two links I posted originally to this time stamp was a problem I’m taking them both down.

The first link was to an article by Marcus Chown – who, when I follow his google trail sounds like He Do the Science in Different Voices. If you google Marcus Chown Holographic, you will find the article.

Essentially, there is now a small amount of experimental support for the notion that everything we are, see, etc, is a holographic projection.  Where string theory and quasars fits in with this I have no idea.  I am just a meat machine, and my thinky thoughts sometimes are not well parsed.

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3 thoughts on “And then my head exploded”

  1. I would agree that backpacking may be an inexpensive vacation in the long run, but for a one-off you could go somewhere very nice for less money. We paid $800 for our Sierra Design, Gortex tent. We were way past $2,000 (ultra light gear in tow) when we were ready to embark on our canoeing/portaging into Algonguin’s interior for the first time AND this doesn’t include canoe rental/purchase.

    Re: the world is a giant hologram … my high school/university physics doesn’t come close to helping me understand most of this article.

  2. Yeah. My head imploded into a holographic black hole with no information content.
    I have trouble logging out too.

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