sleeeep was all he wanted

Keith was here last night and I was so happy to see him that we made a lot of noise.  Jeff finally staggered out of his bedroom and said, “Too… loud….” but I didn’t actually STFU until I remembered the magic phrase: “oh, crap, Jeff is WORKING in the morning.”  Then I crept off to bed.  I am now drafting an apology.

Ate really good pesto at Aldo’s last night – it’s a really nice trad Italian pasta joint right next to the Heritage Grill in New West.  Yes it was a date.  We had a pleasant time, thanks.

Had a brief visit with Suzanne and picked up my new glasses, so last night was a real whirlwind of activity.  I felt much better after hanging out with Suzanne, it’s always great to download with a GF.  I LOVE MY NEW GLASSES.  My vision is much improved, especially working with a computer, which was the point, and I’ve got my visual acuity back in my left eye, the lack of which was straining my right eye.  I am also using Systane Ultra for my extremely crunchy and dry right eye, and it’s working great.  Sometimes when they give you a free sample it really is for a good product.  Unlike Delissio pizza, which is the single most heartburn inducing wheaten hubcap of listeria (okay, I didn’t get sick, but it’s got vomitous pepperoni) ever.

NOW, Conflikt, and five days off in a row.  Happiness.  I confirmed my ride with Tom and Peggy (Yay, she’s bringing her bass) and I am going to stuff myself into the Prius and try hard not to babble continuously the entire way.

Big shout out to Jerome for the invite, Brian C for the links, Kim for livening up lunch, whoever the hell it was who put a litter on a Roomba, Jeff for putting up with me, Keith for telling me he was let go without sugar coating it (or being resentful), Katie for hanging around and visiting briefly with me when I went to get my glasses (I was so happy to see her and I felt better), and Tanya and Cris for cracking me up.  Hugs to Jarmo, Mike, Suzanne, Peggy and Cindy, who must be knee deep in con suite prep right about now.  Gosh I’m looking forward to this!  Even more than last year.

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