Three whole days off

I have a list of things to do which includes:

Usual Life Maintenance

Food shop… no veggies! bad girl!

Heading off to Renfrew Pool at least once this weekend.

Checking into the family history website to see my mom’s blog… I find it weewy fwustwating that her blog is password protected! Okay, I can take that off my list of things to do.  My mOm is a very busy woman and I very much appreciate her family history work.

More biscotti…

It would be nice if at some point I picked up the mandolin!  I have not been feeling like practicing at ALL.

And of course more messing about wit’ Garageband.

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4 thoughts on “Three whole days off”

  1. “I find it weewy fwustwating that her blog is password protected!”

    Hey, I’m working on it! I’m working on it. Sheesh.

  2. You beat me to it, Jeff. *I* know you’re working on it.

    The healing hug – more evidence for the efficacy of skin contact – in ALL circumstances.

  3. You’re not going to find anything new in the blog; I haven’t posted for almost three weeks. But I am mulling one about Unca Dave’s story, and I still have a list of untapped items.

  4. I read Unca Dave’s story aloud to Keith over New Years’. Happy sigh. I miss doing that. I learned details from his burn story I hadn’t heard before.

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