omg omg omg omg my pancreas just exploded

The cutest cat who ever lived.
The cutest cat who ever lived.

Little Miss Margot

eschewed escargot
escaped from Key Largo
Stole hearts in Fargo
She was purchased in Cloverdale
And nearly went back to the breeder
But Peter couldn’t delete her
So he’s made a lifetime commitment to feed’er.

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2 thoughts on “omg omg omg omg my pancreas just exploded”

  1. Re: the persploding pancreas: What are the symptoms? I gather from Jeff that the experience was figurative rather than literal but I had to go through a period of imagining the literal.

    Miss Margot reminds me of Rawd’s Miss Coco, who was born missing an eye and was to be destroyed; he rescued her.

    Isn’t this use of the word “destroyed” odd? Spun me off sideways, thinking about it.

  2. I just had such a rush of sugar from the kitty amazingness that my pancreas exploded from the additional strain.

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