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Spam is appearing in the comments again.

How are you holding up from conficker?

I had a good night’s sleep.

My new friend says there’s a trailer for sale in the campground… I will investigate later.

Paul and I got together for some coparenting last night.  He picked me up from work and when we got to Planet Bachelor Dax was yelling at Katie in her bedroom.  You have no ****ing idea how badly I wanted to go in there and bodily remove him from Paul’s house, but if Paul’s not doing it and Katie’s not asking for it, I guess I can’t.  The latest gossip… does anybody really want to know this, or are we all just tacitly acknowledging that my second gestation has resulted in a girl who just loves to be abused…. and I’m trying to figure out what the hell happened.  Anyway …  Dax wore out his welcome at his sister’s place (can such things be?) by TAKING A BATH instead of helping the women move (okay he was working in the roofing trade and he was bagged, but a quick shower and then provision of help WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING TO LIVE THERE is sorta called for) and of course it was Katie’s fault that Dax was exiled…. because she helped with the move.  As birthingway might say, o.0 (which is internet speak for WTF or “Idon’tknowhowtofeelaboutthat-mixedemotions.) Katie said, face red with suppressed emotion, “I was just trying to be a friend.”  To Kat and Kashka.  Yup, and with friends like Dax you could kick Satan to the curb on the strength of what you’ve learned.  Or not learned.  I could insert a string of profanity here, but 222278888888888888  (sorry, Miss Margot just walked all over the keyboard).  Now she’s attacking my right small toe, it being obviously too dangerous to live unmolested.

Dax eventually left – my sole interaction with him being an unanswered Hello Dax through Katie’s bedroom door – what a tool! And then Paul and I had a long discussion about the kids, during which Keith providentially came home from school and joined the discussion.  Keith’s very at odds with the world right now.  I tried, tactfully, to describe that because of his developmental issues he might be having some teenaged “why am I here” angst, but in his early twenties rather than at 15.  Then he said he wanted to be a scientist, and was going to find out what it took to be a particle physicist.  I said, “Uh, math, actually, increasingly more specialized and bizarre kinds of it.”  I mean, who can object when their child chooses science? Then he talked about disgust, anomie, and alienation (gosh, familiar, eh?) and once again Paul and I tried to make tactful, helpful and tailored for the audience suggestions.  I’ve been bugging him to go to UU youth for the best part of ten years and he found his welcome at church on Sunday (Al Sather did an interactive service with some kinetic sculpture and I wasn’t there) startlingly warm and pleasant – but of course. He’s gorgeous, 22, a very model of Unitarian values (except his laziness, which he is struggling to come to grips with, and from the remove of 50 years I can only smile wanly and say, good luck with that, son) and there’s no one his age in church right now (and he says he likes old people because they are smooth – my immediate response, suppressed, was “No, get your eyes checked, they are WRINKLED).  So once again I told him to check out the young adults group at the downtown church.  When, exactly, does parenting stop?  When it just turns into requests for money?  I dunno…. And at one point Keith said, Can I say something offensive?  I’m kinda glad you weren’t better people, raising me.  Paul and I just looked at each other.  Then we said that he did a pretty good job considering what he had to work with, parents-wise, and then I said, “But the grandparents were a good influence.” Which Keith agreed with, mOm, if you’re reading this…

On a hunch yesterday, I tried to briefly open my own cat circus.  I used a cat toy to lure Miss Margot onto the blue exercise ball in the LR.  She balanced on the ball for about three seconds and then jumped off again.  (The ball is leaning against the end of the fireplace so it was stabilized slightly.)  I am going to buttonhole Jeff to take a movie of it this morning, ever supposing I can get her to behave like that again.

I woke at four this morning, turned to la belle chat and said Good morning Miss Margot and she instantly started to purr.  Please don’t chide me for this passionate tendresse….

ScaryClown upbraided me for a behaviour yesterday. He sent an email.  He described the behaviour, described the effect and asked me to stop.  I answered with an apology and a promise to knock it off.  I wish all my friends were like that.  I wish I could do that more consistently.

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