Off to the camp

I inspected the trailer that’s for sale at the camp in White Rock and found that it’s on a cul-de-sac and has a FABULOUS deck and a really nice feel to it.  As for the inside, who the hell knows.  Apparently it leaked but it has a new tin roof and it looks like it was built to withstand a thermonuclear attack.  Spent the night at my new friend’s because we’d all had some beers and it’s a freaking long way back to King George Skytrain station from there.  The water has been turned on and my new friend cooked me breakfast – a really nice omelette – and I had what felt like a gallon of really good coffee.  Then we listened to Little Charlie & the Nightcats’ Deluxe Edition, and my, my, my what a tasty, musically dense and lyrically excellent album that is!

I am not going to retype the paragraph I just lost so let’s just say I had a good time and I’m happy to be home with Miss Margot.

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