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Peter A. has gotten rid of his downstairs tenant.  He is very happy.  She fought with the neighbours.  He was just about to service the eviction notice… and she gave notice. 

Robof9 has learned to unicycle.

Chris S. is going to be dj-ing at the ANZA Club this week.

Tanya is still SERIOUSLY pregnant.  We are rapidly running out of tactful ways to describe her rotundity.

Cris is still a troublemaker. 

Christopher Lee (our chef was named after the horrormeister, doesn’t that rock?) made an amazing shrimp salad for lunch.  It was a masterpiece of yumminess.

Dax has found a place to live.

Carrie is coming to Vancouver in about a week.

Dr. Filk is making music and trouble in Ontario.

Paul’s off to a training course in Toronto on Sunday and will be visiting rellies while he’s there.

Jeff is covered in scratches on his legs from where Miss Margot has decided that if he’s upholstered he must be something she can climb.  Honestly, he looks like he’s gone a round with a bobcat.

Patricia will be going to Australia, I’m so excited for her!

Granny has a cracked rib.  The owie, the owie!

pOp says getting old is teh suck.

mOm denies that she is feeling poorly…. Robaxicet to the rescue!

Trevor is going to New Zealand today – with his wife and two kids under 5.  The horror, the horror!

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