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Somebody just started following me on twitter. I have NO idea who they are.  I suspect it’s somebody I know, though; this was the first thing they had posted that I could see, and because it’s affecting the industry I’m in, and some of my peeps live there, it affects me.

Jeff will be off to his first day on the job today, and I think we’re all pretty excited and happy about that.    I have been encouraging him to log what’s been happening so he can present a timeline, with trenchant comments, about what happened with the job he tried to get in December.  It’s been a complete botchup, and not by Jeff; the whole thing went to the outside edge of Dilbert and back.

Both Eddie and Miss Margot were on the bed this morning, within two feet of each other and purring like mad. It was so sweet.  Then Eddie tried to teach Miss Margot how to jump on furniture to get humans to get up and feed you, and I wasn’t having any of that.  Although I did get up and feed them.  Eddie and Gizmo are thinner than they were when Miss Margot showed up.  Gizmo ate next to Miss Margot for the first time yesterday, so I have a feeling in a month or two they will all be yelling for food like a doowop trio at

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sorry, Miss Margot jumped on my keyboard, where was I, oh, yeah, they’ll be all singing for food at the same time soon, and chowing down side by side.  For that to happen we have to extend the feeding tray…. I’ll think of something.  Now Miss Margot is playing “there’s a mouse in your papers, let me kill it for you” with noisy abandon.

After I actually rubbed my eyes and read that I sleep with my laptop, I moved it back onto the kitchen table.  It’s more accessible to Keith when he is here, I have to sit up to type, and I am getting more sleep.  Sometimes it’s the little things.

I learned last night that she really likes her head rubbed very hard.  Like way harder than I would have expected, while she blinks and sighs prettily and goes completely sessile.  Rubbing her head is a weird experience.  Her head is as lumpy as a potato, and it’s SO SMALL and appears to be half missing.

She is already starting to lose some of her kittenish cuteness and her face is filling out.  She has grown.  Miss Margot was out on a leash on the back deck last night.  I think she would never wander far, but I promised the breeder she’ll only go out in a properly fenced yard or on a leash and I intend to keep the promise.  I just have a lovely image of her wandering around mOm’s garden and finding a sunny spot to watch butterflies from.  The folks put up with Bounce, of blessed memory (there is actually a plaque to her in the Gazebo of Remembrance) but I think this one would be more of a challenge, at least until the necessity of hosing down her butt once a day is less.  Although it is undignified, I think I may have her butt shaved by experts.  It’s not like she’ll be cold or anything.

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  1. I was about to ask you to bring Miss Margot next time you come, as I too have had this lovely vision of her finding a sunny spot to watch butterflies from. Remember how Bounce’s Walk got named? If she is here in football season, we will have to see if she like Bounce will enchant Loki by watching football with him.

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