All is well

Big shout out to Mike, Paul, Jeff and Keith.  Thanks to their assistance I either got  to the Coop Car, got back from the Coop Car, packed the car, unpacked the car, and unpacked almost all the kitchen stuff.  Paul’s just gone off to work and Keith and Jeff are watching BSG in the basement.  My room. . .. ach.  Well, at least my clothes are all hung up and I have more than enough clothes to get through the next week without difficulties.

Miss Margot is hating her new tag.  I have to put a collar on her because although only a fool would think she was a stray, unless I put a tag on her she might be a stray.  I keep finding her guarding the front of the house; the boys much prefer the back.  Says much about their respective personalities.

Now to mess with more unpacking.  At least, in this house, everything will be unpacked.  I’m not carting around boxes for another two or three years.  I’ve got too much crap as it is.