All roads lead back to dirty movies

I looked up Michael Moschen and hung around on his website for a while, and then decided that I wanted to find out what David Van Tieghem, the guy who did the music for the PBS special “In Motion”, was doing these days.  I found out that he scored some porn films (?!) and then stumbled upon this.  Reading Annie Sprinkle review her own movies put me in a very good mood.  Your mileage may vary.  To be fair to David Van Tieghem, he is an accomplished and energetic musician and if you read just what he’s done in the last two years you get breathless.  But if I didn’t like his music, I wouldn’t have ended up on Annie’s site.

So There.  Now I want Jeff to find out if some of those movies are available on; although really I’m more interested in the documentaries than the porn.  Really.

Anyway, it’ll be 10 am soon and time to quit playing and do some frakkin’ work.


After being here for a couple of hours including grabbing a bath and some shut eye, Katie left in the middle of the night and let all three cats out.  I heard squawking about an hour ago and got up to let them in, and Margot was soaked and FILTHY.  Considering you have to hold her underwater for about an hour to get her really wet (nothing seems to get through to her undercoat) most of it brushed off.  The bathroom floor is covered in debris that fell off her.

She’s going to be fixed on Friday.  O goodie.

Then Sunday, John’s memorial Pondfilk.  I’m not going there with Paul but with luck will get a lift back with him.  The rest of this week should be devoted to music and continuing to get the house organized.