progress report

1. Practiced “The Weight” by the Band. Practiced “That Godforsaken Hellhole I Call Home”. Practiced “The Exchange I Make”, “All the Con Men I have Known”, “Words Fail” (also known to my fans as the Telecom Song) and numbers of others. Found the lyrics for “Daybreak” and added to CESOAS. Entered most of “Grieg” on Songwriter, finished “Didn’t he Die?” (which was my memorial jig for Grandad – and just figuring out which TIME signature to put it in nearly killed me but aftet that it was okay), put finishing touches on John’s Song (AKA the Filker’s Farewell) including chords and performance instructions. Found YET another tune I had forgotten and wrote it down in the Canonical Excel Spreadsheet of Allegra’s Songs.  Hacked around in Garageband and may have a new instrumental.

2. Exercise. Not so much. Have much reduced beer intake and stopped drinking coffee.

3. Found, remembered the password for (phew!) most of my erotica, re-read it, and now have the strong urge to edit ALL of it. I can’t find the really really good one I wrote in Montreal, damnit. I need to revise it all; just tweaking.

4. Talked to Jeff about K-side.  I need to update the definitions and then he has plans to make it web based. w00t.

5.  Margot’s okay.  Everytime Eddie sees her with her cone on (which I have to leave on or she licks the incision point non stop) he hisses in dismay.  Scratch that, he just hisses every time he sees her, whether the cone is on or not.

6.  Waffles.

7. Laundry.

8.  I am struggling with the incompatible notions of somehow making an atheist liturgy legitimate or playing it strictly for laughs.  Of COURSE I want to make it hilarious “And on the Sunday closest to April Fools, the Reader shall wear a clown nose; and on the Sunday closest to December 25, the Reader shall wear a furry red hat with white trim…”  You get the idea. But that doesn’t fix the problem.  Keeping it all under fifteen minutes including the responsive reading will be pretty funny. And this is all part of the “Atheism is a religion” thing my Christian and other faith based friends, relatives and neighbours say.

9. Jehovah’s Witnesses.  She got past good morning how are you, and my response was, “Very well thank you but I don’t require any religious instruction today.”  Can’t you recruit on the internet like pedophiles and neoNazis and people who think contrails are a government plot? Derh.

10. Well, I’m never going to make the 9 am ferry at this rate, so I think I’ll dress and jump on the bus.  Sunday schedules suck.