Coffee and sunshine

I’m sitting in the kitchen watching the sun breaking through the clouds.  Today I’m getting the furniture on the back deck ready to be put away for the rainy season by getting it all clean and dry.  I shelled the seed peas, cleaned the last of the seed quinoa, and once it’s a little dryer I’ll put the last of the sod I pulled out of the yard for the garden into the composter.  Paul figured out how to get the chaff separated from the seeds for the quinoa – but first you have to dry everything.  My big mistake was processing everything wet.

Jeff has learned to clean out Miss Margot’s eyecruft.  I noticed that she was phenomenally goopy this time last year too – much more so than normal, so I’m assuming that like most Persians she has some kind of allergy.  She’s on the qui vive right now, there are bush tits flocking through the dogwood in the back yard and while she’s no bird hunter (flying insects being more her speed), she’s intensely interested in our feathered friends.

Eddie ‘pulled a Margot’ the other day, blasting past her so close that he nearly bowled her over.  It doesn’t matter – nothing he can do would end her regard and admiration for him.  I love how she runs parallel to him throwing her silky tail over his back, while standing about a third closer to the ground.

So nice to have the back door standing open.  Friends and family come visit!