clouds of depression and anxiety

Well sheeeeeit, that’s no fun for readers, so perhaps I should just recite bare facts.

Spent most of the day Saturday prepping for what turned into a non event. The one person I figured for sure would come got lost and didn’t make it; a couple of other people who promised to come didn’t show, and it was a very thin crowd indeed. Fortunately the mountain of food was consumed in short order by the folks who attended church the following morning.

I had to open at nine and I couldn’t close until one, so it was another long blank church day.  I am so tired.  Still tired, and work is like a tsunami visible at the horizon, being held in check by the machinations of a government body that isn’t even in Canada. Such are the joys of international commerce in these parlous times.

Came home and Keith was pulling up just as I was and we went to the The Wire-land and stayed there for about four hours as we (Keith Jeff and I) blasted through the last third of the second season.  My goodness.  What an awesome show.  Chris Bauer, who plays Andy Bellefleur the new sheriff of Bon Temps in True Blood, is phenomenal as Frank Sobotka.

Katie called and asked if she could come over and we said sure and then Paul asked if he could come over and we said sure, and we all hung out and Katie and Paul and I went for a walk.  Paul and Katie both stayed over.  I made Katie chocolate milk with whipped cream.  What a weird household I run to be sure.  Anyway I got about thirty seconds left on this before I simply must get going.

I’m so stressed out I’ve started smoking again, but if it’s any consolation this is day three of no beer.  I imagine I’ll stop smoking again when this deck is done, I always get disgusted and stop. Paul just looks at me and Katie with a worried face – nothing could tempt him to smoke again.

I have nothing to be anxious and depressed about.  However, we live in an age of anxiety, and I certainly am feeling my share.