No walk this morning, cleaning instead.

Coffee’s ready.  I am very happy with my current coffee.  I have decided that I don’t really like the coffee from church, so I’ll continue to buy fair trade coffee but I’ll stick to what I like.

We actually got through a bottle of red wine without throwing any out.   This never happens, mostly because I do not drink wine.

Work, which has been intense and crunchy, continues to kick it up a notch.  There’s nothing like talking down a customer who starts a 35 minute conversation with a polite request to speak to your grandboss and ends with a “Have a nice cold beer”, but that was how my day ended.

I still haven’t been able to get to a music shop to buy an amp. Grr

The homily is mocking me.  I need inner strength, or something.

I send out an enormous shout out to Sue Sparlin.  I luves that woman.

I could complain about other stuff, like how my daughter hasn’t called me in a week, but that is just me being grumpy. and I’m going to be in the Grumpy Zone for a while yet.