I am a hippie

Or at least I’m going to dress like one at work today.

Freaking out mildly about travelling still, but I am trying to be as stoic about it as possible.

Katie moved in – so the pile of boxes say – but she slept without last night.

I’m two rooms away from Margot and I can hear her cleaning herself. She makes a slurping noise while grooming that is disproportionately louder than her tiny size makes plausible.  Also, although she has not put on any weight, her fur has exploded into its winter state and I’m back to having to brush her very thoroughly once a day.  She puts up with it less gracefully than she used to, and by the time I’m done she’s yowling – a very low key yowl – and attempting to puncture me in a variety of squirmy ways.

I am so looking forward to seeing her wander around in the snow.  She was too little before, but this year she and snow will make friends.