Naptor the Somnolent has spoken!

I have totally scanged this from Lady Miss Banjola’s LJ.  PS, Naptor the Somnolent is what she called temporary-like during parasitiwackical incubationess.

But the telecom choices in Canada are basically:

We Hate You Inc.
We Hate You More Than That And Charge Overage Fees For How Much We Don’t Care Ltd.
We Love You! PS We Have Coverage In Two Square Blocks Of Toronto And An Internet Café In Moosejaw Dot Com
We Used To Be Okay But Now We Are A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of We Hate You Inc. And Have Adopted A Certain Attitude Of Ennui Towards Customer Service, We Hope You Understand, Although Not With Any Great Enthusiasm Co.

…so Rogers is, and I state this with no small measure of despair, actually the best choice in this area. Blarf.