Fuck transparency

Hey, that’s not my feeling on the subject, it’s the Harper Government™’s.

Margot picked up a letter opener on Jeff’s desk in her mouth and then took it to the edge to drop it off to play with it.

She’s very slowly becoming more affectionate with me.  She’s learned to ask me to open the door, and she asks for treats and pets and to be played with (posturally – she doesn’t ‘talk’).  Eddie is also much more affectionate but he skitters away if he thinks I’m going to pick him up.

My dreams were cluttered and weird.

Seeing Katie this afternoon. I suspect I’ll be poorer by the time it’s over. but I only say that for humorous intent.  MSP says she owes them money, and maybe she does.

I sometimes wonder what John would think of these election shenanigans.