Sad cats are sad

Both of the cats are wandering around the house crying because “Daddy’s not here” (Jeff’s visiting on the Island).  Margot was so upset that Daddy wasn’t here for her to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, she came into my room and started attempting to destroy things.  I said “Shoo!” and “Scat!” (as in feces) but all she did was stare at me with the stare that indicates every functioning neuron in her head is currently dedicated to keeping her eyes open, but that no other brain activity or anything one could call consciousness was otherwise employed.

As I mentioned in my comment, Yunte wrote me back, which was very decent of him.  I had mentioned to him that when pOp sent me the Charlie Chan movies on DVD I couldn’t bring myself to watch them as I’d drunk the Koolaid on them being racist garbage; as I said to him “I can now watch them with more nuance and less angst”.  Still not happy that Chan was played by white guys (except for the first two movies) but I can at least appreciate that they are entertaining movies now.  I think it’s great that my filial piety prevented me from throwing them out.

At some point today Katie and I and Keith and Mike and Rozo are going to brave the nipply weather of April and head to the beach.  Top down (da na na na na na!) in the sun (da na na na na na!)  I was thinking of taking a musical instrument, but given a choice between hauling sammitches down those effin’ stairs and something la di da like a mandolin, I’ll go for the eats.  Katie is NOT living with Daxus so my unconditional love faucet got turned back on.  Keith had his friend Chris over here last night.  They played Portal 2  and ate leftover spaghetti.  I was sorry to miss Chris as I quite like him; I’m thrilled that Keith has an intelligent, kind hearted friend.

I washed one of mOm’s quilts and it’s hanging on the line now.  I also did a compost run  The most immense pillbugs in Canada (latin name the ENTIRELY CHARMING Armadillidium vulgare) are currently noshing on my coffee grounds.  That would be my late Earth day news.

Heard from Paul.  Work has started on Lois and Bobby’s flooded buildings.  He called from the ‘Hat about an hour ago sounding like he wanted to do something family tomorrow.  When I mentioned the beach he groaned from pure jealousy.

Night before last, out drinking with the old Stat gang, and IHTA (It Had The Awesome).  Last night, Lost in Yonkers at the Langley Playhouse with Tom, Peggy, Rev Katie, Al, Joan, Ev, Gary, Elva AND the choir director Marnie and her daughter. As I mentioned on facebook half the church was in the audience.  Sue Sparlin was really good as the ferocious Cherman Grandmuzzer.

I look back on the beginning of February like somebody who had a bad dream, the effects of which still linger.  Did I really want to kill myself???? What’s up with that?  You know, I’m blaming it on February, because February in Canada sucks, and February in Vancouver, as I can say from personal experience, makes ya wanna die.  And then when the sun comes out you’re thinking…. oops.

I heart Tom and Peggy.  Right now I am really appreciating what lovely, talented, hospitable, intelligent and forward thinking people they are.  Also, they are newly minted grandparents, and I swear Peggy is leaving little curly trails of multi-colored stars when she talks these days.  Tom’s grouch factor is only barely moving the meter since the Bean arrived.