Katie called up last night and knocked the one thing I had to do last night (call Chipper) out of my tiny pea brain.

Katie’s domestic sitch is very unpleasant.  We are being quietly supportive.  She came over last night.  Anybody following my facebook page will be putting it together.  I say some outrageous stuff on facebook… it’s one of the reasons my blog has gotten thinner actually….

Keith and Katie are thinking of moving in together.  I am having no public opinion on the subject, mostly because it’s none of my fucking business.

Ziva failed Aircare (I can hear my pOp smirking from here, and shaky fisty, buddy!) so she’s back in the shop today while I take the bus.

I am going to get up and tidy the kitchen, then throw on some clothes and head out the door.

A customer said something that made me very very very amused yesterday.  In brief, he called me on my private (unrecorded) line to roll his eyes over the customer service that somebody else had provided, and I provided him with a method of getting some service.  This isn’t about any of my worksiblings, because they are all godlike in their forbearance, intelligence and support skills.