There’s nothing like wonky wireless at home

To make you want to come to work.

I observed NO TRAFFIC but every truck in the lower mainland was attempting to bind its bumper to my tailpipe, like, ew, and then I observed DUCKLINGS on the duck pond, and then I observed that I have no network access, so the work I came in early to do, I can’t.  Sigh. So I’ll have to find something else to do.  There’s plenty of work, it’s just when you make up your mind to do something and you can’t, it’s a pain.

The Midnight Moving Company has taken over my brain again.  Watching Lost Girl has made me realize I’m still really fond of that idea, and I love all the characters (“Vampire Gypsy Musicians!” “Cute and v Accommodating Goth Chicks!” “Clinically Crazy ‘Born not Bitten’ Vampire Anorexic on a Thelemic Quest to Avenge His Sire/Mother!” “Mighty Human Warrior who is Allergic to Sunlight!” “Bemused Movie Crews, Nagging Night Nurses, Philosophical Ambulance Attendants, Suspicious Cops, Transsexual Street Hookers, Butt Stupid Drunken Hipsters!”

rounding down er something

Hijacked ads, not safe for work.

Mike got the job.

I’m very anxious about Sunday.

Bisexual and venomous.  Safe for work.

Laughing is not an option, I don’t want to wake Jeff up.

Who knew you could hand rear a honey badger? It’s like having the world’s squirmiest toddler.

Fifteen HUNDRED people? The whole town will have PTSD. They would probably ban tolling bells for funerals if they had any church towers left.  Sue Sparlin was born there.

Salaam.  It’s worth it.



Saturday round up with extra moose

Considering that I think marriage is a crock I don’t know ‘zactly how to feel about this.

Disturbing pic of a kid done up Clockwork Orange style.

I’m only posting this in the hopes that pOp will forward a story about his childhood, maybe with an optional explosion.

Man, I didn’t know there was a floor show for the ferry line up. Ocean floor, that is. You can all tell me what a crappy pun that is later.

Very happy to have her back.  Jeff and I were worried about her.

Moose go back to school, get edumacated.

Moose, go away

I ignore the dog and play with the ball, for I AM MOOSE.

I make weird noises, ’cause I am a MOOSECALF.

SMG is back on TV. We’ll see.  I’ve started watching Lost Girl so I don’t know if I’ve room on my TV plate.


I HAVE UPDATED the Red Deer link… check out the pics.


From the road trip

Lady Miss B, hubster ‘Seph and baby Bean are traversing the Black Hills of Dakota (I’d be stopping in Deadwood, but meh, that’s me).  Anyway the highway they are on is lined with ‘creepy’ pro life billboards, one of which was, “Your mother was Pro Life” at which point the entire family yells, “NO SHE WASN’T” which you have to admit is pretty funny and there’s an extra frisson of joy from knowing the principals.  I added the bit “But she does wear army boots.”

Mike made it through second interview.  I CAN’T DESCRIBE how tense I am about this.  If he doesn’t get it I’ll be reduced to a quivering mass of jelly.

I have not mentioned the newbie but I haz one.  He alphabetized a bunch of stuff for me yesterday and you’d think it was trivial, but it was huge.  Part of being promoted means telling people to do shit.  ‘svery hard.  Anyway, I won’t refer to him by name, but I will call him Luke Deskwalker, because his most strenuous accomplishment this week is making the x-wing fighter out of office supplies, as per reddit.  Some things about being a stupervisor are not at all hard – especially if you have a sense of humour.  Oh and he’s devving auto hotkey scripts but I told him to stay the fuck out of the live database.

Castle season closing show SUCKED A LIBYAN JAIL MOP.  fuck the writer; fuck the director.  The actors did what they could.  If the next season opener is this lame I’m giving up on the show.


Many o many a weary mile

I wrote an ingathering song for church what feels like a couple of weeks ago and when I looked in Songwriter to see what the date was it was 2006.

Many o many a weary mile/To be with you, to be with you/Many o many a weary mile/I’ve journeyed to be with you/From the mountains strong/from the valleys green/I bring all the love/and the change I’ve been/many o many a weary mile/I’ve journeyed to be with you.

Just feels weird to have written it five years ago. The songs I write are a kind of diary as well.

Anyway, I have a letter of reference to write so while I’m up and conscious I might as well do that.

Mike’s at second interview stage.  Fingees crossed.