Laughing so hard I hurt myself

I just read on (in a column about “The Worst Car You Ever Owned”) “Owning this car was like being married to A Supermodel with a Cocaine Problem.”

The latest round of repairs to Ziva appears to have more or less fixed the running rough on start up issue, and the rad had to be replaced because it was leaking and we have indoor outdoor cats.  This will stop rad fluid from getting into the head gaskets.  Thus the amusement about the above noted comment.

Margot’s blookhy eye is MUCH better, the pus is less, the redness almost entirely absent, although she yowls like a serval when I grab her to put the eyegoop from the vet in her eye.  I need to trim her whiskers again, as they curl back into her eye and I think that’s what caused this last ailment.

I am coughing, sneezing, wheezing and I feel like I’ve broken a rib.  Everybody in the house has been sick with a cold; feline and primate cheerfully shedding virus all over each other.

Music 2night with Cindy, possibly Paul too, who knows.  I think I’ll stick with playing, because all that comes out when I actually sing is a hideous croaking noise.

Sunday I go corrupt the minds of our youth.  Yes, I am participating in youth RE and talking about “My Life So Far.”

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