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I had cold chard salad with two pieces of cut up bacon for brekky this morning, plus coffee.  I am currently in love with chard, it makes my digestion very happy.  Then I read that it’s terrible for my body because it is full of oxalates.  Oh well, guess I’ll drink a gallon of water today to keep my kidneys happy.

Sad face for the Philippines; it’s very wet there and 22 people have already drowned in weather related incidents.  Sad face for New Zealand; one of the bigger volcanoes is about to let go.  Sad face the Canadian Olympic Women’s Soccer Team, the ref was an oversized Foley catheter style moron of an incompetence rarely seen EVEN IN INTERNATIONAL SOCCER, which is ludicrously bad.  Sad face for the kitties.  We had to lock the cat door again, so they may egress but not ingress.

Happy face for Dog Swims With Dolphins.

Just left a message for Chipper to find out how her weekend went – it was supposed to be the best revenue this summer and I am hoping it wasn’t a disaster.

I can hear flickers outside my window.

Marvin Hamlisch has passed away.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.




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