Weather report

To quote an Aberdonian “Aw naw, snaw!”

Yup, soggy shit be fallin’ from de skies.

Open and close at church again today (traded with someone so she could be with her family).

I am currently working up yet another shopping list (this one will be official and look purty).

In family news, the grandsnake is now called Izzy.  HE IS HONGRY ALL THE TIME OM NOM NOM.  Kyle said he wanted to feed him live ones, but he’s eating reconstituted frozen ones as if he was a high school linebacker let loose on an all you can eat buffet.  So Katie’s year of snake care (she actually slept in Opal’s room) comes through again.  He’s shedding, so he’s crabby.  Katie says he’s becoming hand tame very fast…. provided YOU move slow.

Now I need to jump in the shower and get gwine.

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