Truck or bus?

I don’t know which one hit me. I did about three hours of light housekeeping yesterday and I am sore all over, not just my shoulder.  I think I need to take it easy and stay in the sling today.

Hey everybody, Chipper is blogging at least couple of times a week at the Red Deer site (link on the right).  It’s lovely to be reminded of all the awesome things going on in the wilds of Madawaska. Mushrooms!  Aurorae!

Orange is the New Black continues to be much fun.  We’ve started watching The Good Wife, which is a great show.  We are also caught up on Ray Donovan and the Newsroom.  Liev Schrieber is so yummy it drives me nuts.  LTGW called the other day (just to say hi! awwww) and I told him that in silhouette Liev is a dead ringer for him cause MAN that dude fills a doorway in the omnomminest way (LTGW knows I’ve been crushing on him since the day I met him, he just rolls his eyes).  Then we talked about what I’m going to do if the fork in the road ahead goes back to paid employment.  He had a lot of encouraging things to say about my network and how I’m not working it properly, and man, I needed to hear encouraging words from a cute guy (okay, my idea of cute).  And I’m still thinking about keeping the shop.  There’s just a lot of rearranging I need to do, financially and emotionally and otherwise, and right now I’m very busted up and blue – a long way from the take the world on attitude I had in March.  Ah, how life plays tricks on one!  But I’m also feeling somewhat more cheerful now that I know I am not likely to have surgery.  Which reminds me, I really have to book some physio.  And pick up a CPAP.  Sigh.  Not being able to drive FUCKING SUCKS.  There I said it.

Of course Jeff has been the soul of courtesy regarding taxiing me around but he’s got a life and he’s super busy with his own work these days (which makes me happy… he’s always learning things). And we still find time to bond over tv and movies.  We rewatched Jack the Giant Killer, it’s a lovely film, almost perfect for the genre.

Yesterday I realized I will have to do some math to figure out what the surface area of my alien’s hair would have to be to have him sail off into the sky like a spiderling.  It’s a hilarious image, I can see him calling OW OW OW into the wind as his semi-sentient hair freaks out and uncoils to full length, hauling him backwards down the beach and then UP UP AND AWAY like a particularly bizarre version of the Flying Nun. Leaving Kima alone with HOOMANS OH NOEZ what will happen?  Probably nothing, she’ll just crawl over to the water and jet.  BAD HAIR!  baaaaaad hair!

Yesterday I made chicken/rice/steamed veg for dinner and then carefully prepackaged the leftovers and labelled them with dates.  Today I MUST clean out the fridge, it’s a horror show.  I don’t want to, but I really otter.

Okay, time to set the timer to do 20 minutes of housework.  (then I take a break).  I learned that at the UFYH site, and it really works.

I quit drinking again.  Very strange.  There hasn’t been beer in the house for almost a month. I don’t think Jeff’s had a beer since the last time we ate dinner with Mike.

Jerome dropped by a couple of days ago!  He showed the most HIlarious video of Lucas dropping off to sleep in his high chair, and every time he drooped his elder brother Brayden would jostle him and he’d jerk awake again.

Margot is spending a lot of time in the cardboard box Jeff labelled Queen Margot I for her.  She’s about the same colour as the box so I keep thinking “What’s the rustling noise!?”





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