Yanno…. I am rather proud of myself

I lost my Mac hard drive, and guess what?

None of my homilies are gone, they are on my site.

Only a couple of my written out songs are missing, because I backed everything up that had anything to do with music a couple of weeks ago.

My canonical list of songs was uploaded to the cloud the end of September, and I’ve only added a couple of things since.

The last couple of pieces of software I downloaded I had all my info, so I just downloaded them again, so I have Finale and Scrivener back no sweat.

Tarot for Atheists and Midnite Moving Co. are on the cloud (mostly… as I learned to my sorrow… but I may have emailed some of it to mOm and Chipper).

All the photos are gone.  That is a shame, and there’s no help for it unless I want to spend a whack of money for no guaranteed end.

I am going to be doing homilies in 2014 for church and will likely be participating in the Compost Communion first service of 2014, with my compost song.

No word back from the interview; I will take that as a no and move on.

I gave my seventh unit of blood yesterday.  I have to do it while I can; my blood pressure is just inside the line and I may not even get to my tenth unit before I have to stop.  But hey, I’ve saved a life or two in my time, and that makes me happy. Katie’s iron was two points too low; she was CHOKED.  And then she and I and Keith ate sushi that I didn’t have to pay for.  And I went to pay the rent on the storage locker to keep the family buffet in the family.  Yeah, I know.

Bone doc says I am progressing well and to keep up the physio.  I’m going back for my final review the end of December.




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