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The day before yesterday I bought dowelling, a pulley, stout cordage and a massive plant hook.

Today I sawed two four inch chunks off the dowelling, drilled a transverse hole through both in the centre, sanded the ends and screw holes, fed the stout cordage through the holes and tied it off, ran it through the pulley and VOILA.  I have a shoulder exercise machine with two handles!  It ain’t purty but it works.  And I cleaned up after myself except for the door lintel, which I should probably do before Miss Moppet drags her way through the debris.  She is VERY FLUFFY and staticky right now, and she’s getting matted just looking at me.

Jeff wants the device to be more securely set into the door lintel, and he’s cheerfully fixing that for me now, but I visualized it, bought it, and DID IT. I think I should make a safety cover for it when not in use, some of the men who come through the house on occasion are dashed tall.

Ripped a whole bunch of CDs today, mostly filk, blues and rockabilly.  I do like Dr. Crowell; hardly anybody in filk is a music perfesser, so we get a trained voice and unbelievable skill on keys.  Sadly, CD Woodbury’s special CD which includes his fine version of My Old School, doesn’t want to be ripped; the drive made a noise that usually presages catastrophic failure in any device emitting it, but I ejected it after an eternity of hideous grinding, and the drive seemed okay.

It’s Remembrance Day.  The family tradition is to rewatch Saving Private Ryan, A Bridge Too Far, a Night to Remember or Sink the Bismarck!

Katie has been staying overnight; mostly she’s out hanging with her girlfriends.  We all went out to breakfast this morning.

This article goes to a Popular Science link about what happens when you put lego in a washing machine, for science.


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