One think and another

Okay TODAY my calves hurt (but nothing else does, thankfully).  I made coffee this morning using the really yummy medium blend that Leo and Linda left us.  We haven’t had the coffee maker upstairs for the best part of a year, so that’s interesting.  And motorvating.

I love ice cream, but not when the people who sell it don’t know how to store it.  I’ll leave the rest of it to Jeff if he can stand it, but I am vastly preferring my version of the I Hate to Cook Book’s chocolate cake.  Which reminds me, must put cake flour on the shopping list, as it really makes a difference for baking.  Also on the list, more acrylic paint and please some more canvasses, smaller this time.

Chicken’s on to thaw for chicken schnitzel for lunch.  Have to figure out which veg to serve, and that means cleaning out the fridge.

Anil Dash on 15 years of blogging (I just passed my tenth anniversary, but like, who cares… except me, I am going back through the entire blog and pinching all the good stuff to put in yet another project called “Broad Hints” which also has recipes and other stuff.  Sort of like a ‘cream of condensed Allegra’).

I am learning Big Hard Sun by Indio.