Jian Ghomeshi

Whatever publicity accrues to Mr. Ghomeshi’s departure from the CBC, there is a strong likelihood that his employment contract contained a morals clause.

He was expensive. He was not beloved of the Harper Government. There will be people willing to testify in court that he doesn’t toe the BDSM party line about ongoing consent. (Under oath or no…)

He should quit this pre-emptive rehabilitation he’s paying fountains of cash for. He’ll make more money than Croesus as an impresario – after he recovers from his father’s death. He’ll definitely have better phone security.

My two coppers.


By the way I’m really pissed off about this because my CBC interviewer in the novel is based on him (genderswapped). PISS ME OFF.  Grr.


Here’s a chaser.  A technically and emotionally superior guitarist.  

No pictures

I have memories, but no pictures of Alexander meeting his great-grandparents, his great great auntie, his cousins and various other family members.

He was a complete trooper, but at 4 pm he pretty much lost it and cried continuously.  Poor Katie; he had never cried that much before.  All he wants is his mom.

Anyway, I think this is pretty much how Alex viewed his late afternoon yesterday.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

The first section is in the mail to the editor today.

Madeleine Albright HOSES Conan O’Brien.