Natal Tarot

The Natal chart is Nine Cards formed up in a tree of life:

Father (or father’s family) – 5 Pentacles

Mother (or mother’s family) – Queen of Pentacles

Family (of birth or adoption) – 8 Swords

Health – Ace of Swords

Longevity – Knight of Pentacles

Occupation – 7 Pentacles

Contribution – 6 Pentacles

Need –  The Magician

Life Motif – Ace of Wands


This is the life flow of a practical, not particularly talkative or  spiritual individual who may be depended on to work hard, show up, be kind and jump in where others hesitate.  He will rise above family disputes when not called upon to broker them.  His longevity will be determined by his habits, but he will tend all his life to be old-fashioned, and to enjoy the work of those who have a lot to teach him.  I see someone aloof and kind, intelligent and unimpressed by book learning, glitz and laziness.





I know I shouldn’t care, but the last episode of the Killing made me want to find the showrunner and bang her head into a coffee table a few times.  A happy ending was NOT REQUIRED for this show, it feels a painted on thing.

On the plus side, by Grabthar’s hammer, I have finally seen Galaxy Quest, and I had a damned good time.

Now to see if Jeff is conscious enough for breakfast.