Fell asleep

No, I wasn’t reading the Silmarillion.  (In joke).  No hours on cpap, 970 words yesterday.  Kima’s pregnancy is a non stop fun house of weirdnews.

Chipper came up with a GREAT character name and outcome story.  Honestly, the hair stood out on my arms when she told me. I’ve already added it to my notes.  I LOVE SCRIVENER in case I didn’t mention that earlier.

Ooh, two people favourited my tweet “Colonialism’s conclusion is that you are separate from the land – once you’ve swallowed that lie principles will not help you.”

When I was on the back deck drinking beer and soaking up rays yesterday afternoon I remember thinking how when Paul and I originally rented this house back in 1996 I felt like the spirits of my grandfathers helped us find and settle here. I know that’s superstitious nonsense, but every time the dogwood blooms – as it is now, the creamy blossoms shining from the very crown of the tree – I think of them and have reason to thank them for their many kindnesses and teachings, even if they didn’t actually have anything to do with us locating this house.  Even atheists are superstitious, but some of us hide it less well than others.


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