Good day

I probably should have walked around or biked but I had a lazy day of life maintenance and writing and watching tv. Castle is blah and NCIS Body Count is likewise.  Monday night now that Better Call Saul is done for this year is turning gooey.  Perhaps I can be braced with some PoI and Daredevil, which is proving to be loads of fun.

.5 hours and 1000 words.  Already at 250 words this morning, but this chunk is super fun to write.

Applied to one job yesterday morning.  I will do the same this morning.

I have yet another dentist appointment this week.  All part of the human panoply.

I can hear Jeff emptying the dishwasher.  I’m thinking time to make some coffee!

When the weather is good…. it’s amazing how good I feel.  There is a buttload of pollen out there though.

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