Success defined as the ability to feel gratitude

If you’re walking around thinking that people will only remember the kind words you say – you are fooling yourself.  It’s the mean shit they remember now, and keep on remembering.

Be gentle in the words you say/ keep them soft and sweet / you never know which of your words/ you’re going to have to eat.

NB: Of course if these words are applied to you when you’re a young woman growing up in a fundamentalist household they will feel different.

I hope that gratitude, which holds my place in life’s big lineup, keeps being part of my daily practice.  I hope that it is gratitude for the great life I have, marked today by the first birthday of Alex the G’baby, and our acknowledgement of his place in our lives, that keeps my brain open to other teachings.

Wrote 353 words yesterday!  Nereus and Slider were the main recipients of my attention.  It is not a record day but I committed to getting back to work and it is a measurable and hopefully duplicatable result in this adventure / experiment called life.