A thoroughly satisfactory day

Go see The Martian.  This constitutes the entirety of my review.  Also, read the book.  They are equally good for different reasons.

From 1 until 3ish yesterday Paul, Keith, Katie and Alex and Dax and Suzanne and Mark and Jessica and Ellie ate and talked and played.  Alex was in the best shape I’ve ever seen him.  He handled the influx of visitors into his space with amused aplomb, and his primate calls of joy upon seeing Ellie, his bestest and most favourite friend, were something to witness. They chased each other around (they’ve been walking for scant weeks now, Alex with an assurance that is truly remarkable) and stole each other’s toys.  At one point Alex mugged Ellie for her purse.  We laughed and laughed, and Alex chuckled right along with us.  Various other people took pictures, but I wanted to watch, and it was so completely and utterly lovely that I am quite overcome trying to describe how great it was.

Mark and Paul and I are making plans to get together and jam Thursday afternoon.

Then the cake, and then Paul and I and Keith met up with Jeff at the theatre for the cheap matinée and damn it was worth it.

250 ish words yesterday.  It’s a bit easier but still very hard.