Sundry thoughts

I think I have thought my way out of the box. The writing box.  We shall see.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Yes, WHY would I ask you to watch this remarkable 16 minute video….  Well, it’s like a 16 minute preview of the election campaign. Everybody thinks Justin Trudeau is a lightweight going into the fight.  Watch and be unintentionally impressed.  This is a fight for charity.  There are SO many interesting little tidbits in this fight and in the commentary and byplay, I will be watching it again for sure.  I knew about it and Shirley on fb already told me to watch it but Mike showed it last night.

Pork chops, cannelloni beans and onions in the crockpot for supper – I took a bunch over to Mike for dins.  (It was SUPER TASTY) He had beer!  Also, the pummelling – my shoulders are MUCH better this morning.

Magnanimous in victory, unrepentant in defeat.  That’s how I hope to be in any contest.

Super weird dreams.  There was a WALL OF COMIC BOOKS. and the teenager had to be told we could not escape across the desert with all of them.  AND I had to wash dishes first, while everybody else messed off to play with the Van de Graaf Generator. The great big sparky thing, not the noted prog rock band from the 60’s and 70’s which reformed in this millennium and occasionally still plays.

Hurricane Patricia is exceeding strong and is going to beat up parts of the US. It’s already registering off the charts for windspeed.  The last time something this big made landfall 6300 people died in the Philippines although to be fair if the authorities had taken the NOAA warnings and those of their own weather scientists seriously and done the math regarding the storm surge there would have been fewer dead.

I am covered in powdered sugar.  I walked back in the cool predawn and grabbed a couple of croissants for me and Jeff for brekky.

Took Miss Margot yesterday to get her shots and a brief checkup.  She HATES ME TODAY and she has a tooth abscess I have to get dealt with.  Also, she DOES have fleas but not too bad.

I think I am working on a new tune.  I’ll get back to you on that.